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[Event] Automated OT Risk Assessments

The upcoming NIS2 directive is putting risk assessments to the forefront, especially in organizations deemed "essential" (see more here). These are also the ones often relying on Operational Technology (OT) or Industrial Control Systems (ICS), which usually require a somewhat different approach when evaluating risk.

Yet the legacy way to do risk assessments is usually have employees tied in lengthy and time consuming questionnaire sessions led by (expensive) external consultants.

The result is often unsatisfactory: the exercise is not relying on concrete data obtained from the network (digital image) and is not taking into account the current threat landscape and threat actors, regardless if they target or not the technology stack used within an organization.

So how to make risk assessments in OT more relevant for the overall security posture of an organization, and at the same time automate the whole process?

Modern tools such as Radiflow CIARA can help.

Register below and join us on February 16th, 10h a.m. CET, and find out how to automate risk assessments with modern tools, making NIS2 compliance work in practice.

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