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[Video] Managing Risks In OT Environments - Mreža Smart Day Event

In collaboration with Mreža Smart Day (leading IT professionals publication in Croatia), we've organized an event with panel discussion on risk management in OT environments.

Operational technology (OT) cybersecurity is undergoing significant changes driven by an increased recognition of an expanding attack surface and vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure (CI) and industrial control systems (ICS).

From energy, over transport and communications to manufacturing - a growing number of companies must learn to manage specific risks in OT environments but also navigate new regulatory requirements (such as the upcoming NIS2 directive in EU, which will probably influence also neighboring non-EU countries). number of organizations are facing sophisticated threats but also new regulations around cybersecurity.

NIS2 risk management measures

In this context organizations relying on OT technology will need to increase their cyber resilience by concentrating on the measures that bring the most value or largest effect on the investment.

In addition to discussing risk management and regulatory compliance, the event features Radiflow solutions for OT risk management and OT anomaly detection.

Find out how IT differs from OT security, the implications of upcoming regulations, how to increase visibility in OT environments and manage risks effectively, and more.

Language: English (and some Croatian ;)


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