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Security Awareness - the Human Firewall

7/11/2024 08:00 AM - 09:00 AM

The main mechanism by which threat actors keep breaching organizations remains phishing and social engineering techniques. This is confirmed again and again in analysis of successful attacks, and is consistently found by research (for example, see Verizon's Data Breach Investigation Report).

Of course, these techniques are easier to implement if there are no technical measures such as multi-factor authentication or antimalware. Nevertheless, technical measures and protection technology have advanced to the point that software and operating systems are now more resistant to trivial attacks and the delivery of malicious code.

Yet, precisely because of this, the future guarantees that attackers will rely more and more on the weaknesses and unpreparedness of employees in order to bypass the now improved technical protection measures. New technology such as generative AI is bound to improve both the quality and scalability of phishing attacks.

Strengthening the capacity of employees to resist cyberattacks therefore becomes perhaps the most important segment of cybersecurity. Security awareness is not a one-time education but an integral part of a continuous process or service delivery. If more than 80% of attacks are initiated by social engineering, as research suggests, then the smartest investment is precisely in permanently strengthening the organization's resilience against phishing and related attacks.

In this webinar, join Tomislav Vuk, cybersecurity consultant with extensive experience in security awareness trainings, and discover why the future of cybersecurity is about building a resilient human firewall within the organizations.

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