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Webinar: Cyber Resilience Act - What's Coming Our Way?

5/29/2024 08:00 AM - 09:00 AM

The Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) is a new upcoming EU regulation bound to have substantial impact on many businesses.

While NIS2 focuses on enhancing the security posture of companies themselves, the CRA requires companies to prioritize the security of the products they manufacture or sell.

In practice, it's about setting common cybersecurity standards for products with digital elements, which are defined as hardware and software whose "intended and foreseeable use includes direct or indirect data connection to a device or network". That can be anything from consumer electronics, over browsers, password managers, to routers, firewalls, smart cards, smart card readers, etc.

The CRA requirements include many specifics such as required incident reporting, automatic security updates, default password management, etc. The regulation is also focused on open source software, as recent high-profile vulnerabilities (such as Log4j) exposed critical weaknesses in widely-used open-source software, and highlighted the accountability issues around who's prioritizing fixing and coordinating response following disclosure.

Join us for the upcoming webinar featuring guest cybersecurity consultant Marko Gulan. Learn about the timeline, preparation strategies, and potential impacts of the Cyber Resilience Act on manufacturers and consumers.

Note: Webinar is in Croatian language.

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