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Vidljivost i detekcija anomalija za OT okruženja

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Knowledge transfer and planning

Kick-off workshop, delivered remotely, 1/2 day.
Select the OT environment in scope
Agree on traffic collection methods
Define timeline / deliverables.

Data Collection & Validation

Collect traffic from OT site via any of the following:

  • Portable Radiflow appliance

  • 3rd party OT IDS report export

  • PCAP collected from site



Environment Modelling

  • Based on collected data, build a "digital twin" of the OT environment

  • Produce an initial security posture view

  • Mid-point review session for any adjustments

Analysis & Reporting

Perform detailed analysis and create customized report with the current security posture, including:

  • Risk Matrix

  • IEC 62443 SLT vs SLA Visualization

  • Threat Report Based on MITRE ATT&CK

  • Risk Based Comparison Zones

  • Top Risk Scenarios

  • Top Recommendations to Reduce Risk



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