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Growing Risks to the Global Supply Chain: Black Hat 2022 Report

Changes in business models due to the pandemic have significantly affected the security of organizations, with vulnerability to cyber attacks increasing year by year. The results of Black Hat's "Suppy Chain and Cloud Security Risks Are Top of Mind" survey, which included a survey of more than 180 experienced cybersecurity professionals, indicate concerns about attacks on cloud services, ransomware and growing risks to the global supply chain.

In the changing IT and business environment, companies cite the vulnerability of cloud or third-party network services as the biggest cyber security challenge. When asked about the threats and challenges that are of most concern today, 39% of Black Hat USA 2022 participants in the survey cited 'phishing' and other forms of social engineering, 35% cited targeted sophisticated attacks, 28% cited attacks on the network of their suppliers, contractors and partners, and 26% cited the potential threat of cloud services.

Despite concerns about attacks targeting cloud services and the supply chain, identity theft remains the biggest threat to organizations. That's why most security experts consider MFA and encryption very effective in minimizing the risk of cyberattacks.

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