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IaaS/PaaS adoption still low in SEE region

According to Eurostat data (here and here) you might believe 42% of EU enterprises use cloud computing. However, at closer look, a vast majority (79%) opted for a cloud solution to host their e-mail systems. In practice, this means many are adopting Microsoft 365 offering to quickly ditch Microsoft Exchange, together with Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint bundled in the same package. Essentially, SaaS adoption is quite high.

But the true measure of "cloudification" or going into the direction of IT-as-a-service is how much of the applications and workloads running the enterprise's own software get moved into the cloud? We're talking about IaaS and PaaS adoption. Here, Eurostat is offering the category "Buy computing power to run enterprise’s own software" and that one is probably reflecting a more realistic picture of cloud adoption.

According to that measure, enterprise cloud adoption is around 10% across the EU.

If we focus on the SEE region (from Slovenia to Bulgaria), the percentages are even lower: from 3% in Bulgaria and Bosnia, to 12% in Slovenia (9% Croatia, 5% Serbia).

This means there is still lots of room for growth and the journey to the cloud for SEE countries is really just starting.


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