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54% of SMEs do not use MFA

According to the Global Small-Business Authentication (MFA) study published by the Cyber ​​Readiness Institute (CRI), small and medium-sized businesses around the world still rely only on usernames and passwords to secure critical data about employees, customers and partners. Only 46% of SMEs implement MFA and provide information to employees about the importance of multi-factor authentication, while 20% do not educate their employees on the use of MFA. In our region, adoption rates of multiple authentication (MFA) are probably even lower.

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is critical to reducing the risk of a breach and successful attack on an organization's IT system. It has been used for decades and is recommended by cybersecurity experts. Implementing MFA does not require any hardware changes. Instead, there are a number of free and low-cost software tools such as all major email providers that allow multi-factor authentication.

The main challenges for the implementation of MFA are: tools, resources for implementation and maintenance costs.

Read the steps you need to take to implement MFA on the Help Net Security blog.


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