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Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Affecting VPNs: 2024 Does Not Look Good So Far


In a digital landscape where security is paramount, VPN/SSLVPN devices—often integrated into Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) platforms—stand as a double-edged sword. While they provide secure remote access, they also present a significant attack surface. These devices, by design, reside on the public internet, making them highly visible targets for malicious actors.

Zero-day vulnerabilities, previously unknown and unpatched, have become the weapon of choice for attackers. In 2024, the situation is dire: four prominent VPN vendors have fallen victim to these stealthy exploits. These zero-days allow unauthorized access to private networks, granting threat actors an open door into thousands of organizations worldwide. For months, these vulnerabilities have gone undetected, leaving critical systems exposed.

CIxO roles must take decisive action. A vendor-managed approach to VPN access is crucial. By embracing the SASE architecture, organizations can shrink the attack window and protect their digital assets.

Below is a summary of the recent zero-days disclosed in the period from January to April 2024 - the year does not look good so far:

Zero-days 2024
VPN zero-days disclosed Jan-Apr 2024: allowing unauthenticated access into thousands of organizations

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