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Secure cloud access with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

According to the research by the Ponemon Institute, 60% of IT and security managers are not convinced of their company's ability to provide secure access to the cloud, despite the growing use of cloud environments.

The Global Study on Zero Trust Security for the Cloud surveyed nearly 1,500 IT decision makers and security professionals worldwide to examine the pain points they face when securing cloud environments.

Top challenges companies face in securing cloud environments are: network monitoring/visibility (48%), in-house expertise (45%), increased attack vectors (38%) and siloed security solutions (36%). Interestingly, almost a third of companies have no cooperation between IT security and DevOps, which represents a significant risk. Also, the study reveals that Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) can solve these challenges and accelerate the digital transformation of the entire IT ecosystem while enabling secure access for all users, devices and workloads, regardless of location.

Respondents who have adopted a zero-trust strategy report increased IT security team productivity (65%), stronger authentication using identity and risk posture (61%), increased productivity for DevOps (58%), and greater network visibility and automation capabilities (58%) as the main advantages.

Learn more about the research results at Help Net Security.


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