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VPN usage continues to thrive over Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions

As Sapio Research study shows, VPN usage is still prevalent among 90% of security teams who have highlighted cost, time, and difficulty as reasons to not move forward with ZTNA adoption.

As highlighted in this study, 51% of remote workers are using a combination of corporate and personal devices to connect to business applications and resources, which creates a very risky environment without IT teams monitoring the activity. Cybercriminals will often target VPNs because a single set of compromised credentials can provide all of the access needed to carry out a data breach, ransomware incident, or other attacks.

While it is good to see that awareness of ZTNA solutions amongst IT security professionals continues to grow, the actual implementation of a ZTNA architecture is still considerably low, with just over 17% of respondents having truly begun to roll out a ZTNA strategy.

Read more about Sapio Research study at Help Net Security.


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