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[Watch Now] - Securing Critical Infrastructure and OT Environments

Securing OT environments starts with proper visibility into all assets and detecting deviations from normal behavior. Learn how Radiflow’s OT visibility & anomaly detection suite provides stakeholders in IT/OT security with network visualization, threat detection, alerting and configuration of communication rules for devices and industrial protocols.

Centered around the iSID industrial threat detection & management platform, the Radiflow solution enables local (on-premises) or central monitoring at the organization level or at an MSSP’s SOC.

Before delving into the solution details and product demo by Marko Djordjevic from Techinsights, we've sat with John Allen to introduce us into how to manage OT security within a global enterprise, as it expands its digital footprint.

John is a strategic consultant in Manufacturing IT/OT, who worked for 23 years with the global pharmaceutical company GSK, focused predominantly in manufacturing IT, where he led business partnering, program management and professional services to GSK’s manufacturing operations.

At GSK, John established and led the OT Cyber Security transformation across all of GSK’s plant, labs and R&D. John now uses his knowledge and experience to support manufactures and utilities with strategic development and review of OT cyber security and digital transformation programs.

Watch the full webinar recording, including John's insights and a more in-depth look at Radiflow's iSID OT security platform:


Want to experience the iSID platform yourself? From buidling a baseline, detecting assets and communication flows between OT devices, up to detecting anomalies - it's just a click away!


While you're here, register for our upcoming event and see how automation in OT risk assessments can help achieve both compliance and a stronger security posture:


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