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Public sector cloud adoption growing, obstacles remain

Interesting results from the IDG survey "Public sector digital transformation" co-sponsored by HPE and AMD. The survey was conducted in 14 European countries and was in particular focused on the level of cloud computing implementation in public administration entities.

The survey notes that distrust of cloud computing is still noticeable in the public sector across the EU, but adoption is growing:

  • Overall, 36% of organizations are already using the cloud computing model today (includes both private, hybrid and public cloud), with another 29% planning to do so in the foreseeable future or are already in the process of implementing the cloud in their IT environments.

  • However, the remaining 35% of entities still have not decided or have no plans to migrate their systems and data externally.

  • Of all the cloud options, public cloud is the most distrusted model: working the math, it turns out overall only 10% of organizations use public cloud providers. This is in line with Eurostat surveys (see here).

  • With regards to data in the cloud, respondents appear to be most worried about data sovereignty, cost escalations and cyber security. The latter is not in line with some industry bodies' advice: for ex. see CISA's recommendation on externalizing IT to the cloud to reduce cybersecurity risks here.


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