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Enhancing Security: Thales CipherTrust Secrets Management

Thales CipherTrust Secrets Management
The Importance of Centralized Secrets Management

Digital transformation brings immense benefits and significant security risks, especially in managing secrets like API keys, SSH keys, tokens, and certificates. Mismanagement can lead to breaches, often due to human error.

Secrets include credentials, certificates, encryption keys, and API tokens. If compromised, these can grant attackers access to sensitive internal resources. Machine-to-machine (M2M) authorization processes have expanded the attack surface, with 61% of breaches involving stolen credentials, highlighting the critical need for secure secrets management.


Modern business operations require seamless communication between microservices, applications, and workloads, spreading secrets across CI/CD pipelines and various platforms. To protect these secrets, organizations must centralize their management.


Why Prioritize Secrets Management?


  • Data Management Demands: With the Global DataSphere expected to double by 2026, only 54% of organizations know where their sensitive data is.

  • Compliance Requirements: Increasing data protection laws demand secure data handling, yet 43% of sensitive cloud data remains unencrypted.

  • Complexity: Protecting data is complicated, with 52% unclassified data and 39% citing complexity as a major issue.

  • Data Breaches: Increasing breaches highlight the need for control, yet only 53% of organizations manage their encryption keys and data access.


Thales CipherTrust Secrets Management


Thales offers CipherTrust Secrets Management to address these challenges. This solution ensures efficient secret management with features such as:


  • Centralized Management: Consolidates control over all secrets.

  • Secure Storage: Encrypts all secrets for secure storage.

  • Access Control: Regulates access to secrets.

  • Automated Rotation: Regularly updates secrets for enhanced security.

  • Monitoring and Reporting: Tracks activities and generates reports.


Adopting Thales CipherTrust Secrets Management helps organizations strengthen their security posture, ensure compliance, and manage the complexities of modern IT environments effectively.



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