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[Video] IT Security's Best Kept Secrets

Navigating cybersecurity advice can be overwhelming and often repetitive, so we returned to the basics.

On June 20th, we've sat with cybersecurity consultants Matija Mandarić and Robert Buljević to discuss some common mistakes and pitfalls in cybersecurity.

Note: videos below in Croatian language, sorry for that :)

Watch Matija Mandarić discuss why IT complexity drives most cybersecurity issues, and why the fastest route to simplify and reduce the attack surface is to switch to a SaaS consumption model wherever possible:

In part 2, Robert Buljević examines recent cyberattacks both regionally and globally to highlight often ignored weaknesses. You will find recurring issues with all the victims: self-hosted internet-facing services which are increasingly hard to patch in time, complex infrastructure that is tough to manage, low multifactor authentication (MFA) adoption. These are in stark contrast with the SaaS equivalent services, which are proving much harder for attackers to breach.

Download the presentations with notes here (english language):

ITsec_secrets - Matija - part1
Download PPTX • 6.30MB

ITsec_secrets - Robert - part2
Download PPTX • 3.53MB


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